Preparation for a game Release

What you need to stay awake and focused in the first days.



A Game release has to be prepared well!

Of course, you want to play as much as possible in the first days, since the first days are the best games in most games. It doesn’t matter if hardcore nerd or just casual the first days of a new Released game are awesome!

I will tell you how I prepare for a game Release! Most people think the biggest problem is that the body needs to rest and you need to sleep from time to time. Yes, you should do that however you spend a lot of time on other things.

Did you already thought how much time you spend in the shower or on the toilet? In the kitchen?
In your entire life do you spend around one Year in those places together.


The goal is to reduce all human needs as much as possible

A real nerd plays on the toilet!

Before the game releases make sure to have the game on the current patch with all the customized settings that you need.

Buy enough Water and Snacks which you don’t need to prepare. Be sure to buy healthy food, or at least not unhealthy, since your goal is also to sleep less. This is why I recommend to eat no sugar! No Energy Drinks.

Clean up your house wash the plates etc. Just do everything that makes you more comfortable. You won’t have time to do this in the next days.

You should use Caffeine just in situations when you are really really tired. If you use it to frequently your may accustom to Caffeine and it won’t work anymore. Instead, you will feel more tired or even worse you need to sleep.

I eat it with a spool and drink water afterward, which tastest awfully! You can mix it with tee which you prepared before as well.

At the last day should you cook something that you can eat on the first day. Afterward, you switch to the Protein Bars. I also like to drink a lot of milk.

Now make sure to rest your body go to bed and sleep as much as possible. Stand early enough up to switch your bed linen, take a shower, use the toilet and eat something. Without Stress take your time.

Check if you are ready or if you could prepare something else.

If you wanna play hardcore would I also recommend to do sports at least 4 weeks before 3 days per week.

Then stop 2 days before the release, you can feel the Energy which is overwhelming!


Hope you enjoyed my preparation tactics and you may learn something!

If you want to add something write it in the comments 🙂



Protein Bars
Gaming Protein Bars
You need food which you can eat fast and while playing the game!
My choice is Protein Bars, you can eat them easily while playing and they taste good. Here you can find a List of the 21 Best Protein Bars. However, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, just make sure they have no sugar.

Müsli Bar
Müsli Bar for gamers
I wouldn’t recommend Müsli Bars, since sugar hurts the body dramatically, normally you don’t notice it. But thereby you sleep to less could this cost you a lot of Energy and you may need more sleep.

Caffeine best price

I recommend to use Caffeine just sometimes. The Body has times when you feel extremely tired. For me, it is 1-3PM 2-4AM. I just use Caffeine at this time to stay focused.

energy drinks for gamers Monster

I wouldn’t recommend Energy Drinks since they contain to much sugar, however, I know that most of you won’t listen! Why do they taste so good? 🙁

The Game itself lol
world of warcraft game time cheaper
Make sure to have the game on the current patch with all settings, also to have enough playtime.

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