Cryphis Motivation and Reasons to speed run Classic World of Warcraft

Actually, I am forced to play World of Warcraft


This may sound a bit weird!

The big issue is that I needed money which isn’t that bad since I had Shares from stock companies. Unfortunately, am I just able to sell them on the Annual General Meeting which is how the name suggests ones a year. Since I needed the money now I made a contact with the buyer. That I have to sell the Shares and give him the money.

After my depression Terapie, I had no Job and I needed to wait 5 more months until a new semester at the university starts.

Well in Germany do we have social law system, which means that every one which is a German citizen and is looking for a Job gets money from the government. 2018 was it a Rent till 380€ a month, Health insurance and 420€ to live from. Sounds perhaps much but it isn’t, a journeyman in compare earns around 1900€ net as a beginner. However, it is enough to live a few months from it until the person gets a Job at least in theory.

The Issue is that the law which manages the Jobcenter is not very good designed it sounds good on the surface but that’s it!

If an applicant has Money which is in my age around 4300€ the applicant gets nothing, what makes sense, why should someone get money which can live from his own money? Furthermore does the law not care about depts. What also makes sense since otherwise, I could go to a bank take a loan from 20000€ and chill 6 Months while getting also money from the Jobcenter.

Well in my Situation do I have money around, 10000€ in Shares however I need to pay them when I get them so I am unable to do something with the 10000€ and this is something which isn’t regulated with the law. This started 10.1.2018, the Jobcenter didn’t want to pay me. Ofc did I accused them and the Court decided that the Jobcenter should give me a loan until they decide if the 10000€ should be counted as my money or not.

You see it is already a bit complicated and I don’t want to make it more complicated. The Result is that I accused the Jobcenter now in 4 different cases. Furthermore am I unable to work as employment, start something own or study. It isn’t that I don’t want or unable to do something. No! The only reason is this law which is so fucking bad designed.

Sounds stupid but it goes further, the law is designed for people to fill the gap until they find a new Job, not for the long term. I was already in the hospital since I collapsed after 3 days without eating. There is more but I guess its enough to understand the situation and I don’t want to talk about it. The situation is annoying and depressing.


There are 2 ways to come out of the situation.

The first one is to win at the court which could be every month or in 2 years. Well since I run already out of food this isnt a good solution also can I do nothing to increase my chances at the court or reduce the time until the Judgement day.

The second way is to start a company which generates from day 1 so much money that I can live from. I never owned a company, of course, do I have a good base of knowledge from Highschool and my Elektronicmeister. Which is something similar to a Bechlor. However, I need to earn circa 1000€ and a month and this from day one. This is also why I designed the fitness page lab-fit.

I earn money when someone is buying something through a link, but I get it first when I earned over 70€, which takes a while since Google needes 1-2years to rank a new Website.

So what, why do you play World of Warcraft then?

I don’t need to pay taxes on donations which means a donation helps me a lot since this is the only way how to get legal money and life from it.

Furthermore, do I need to earn 1000€ a month from day 1! The only way which I see is being a professional streamer. I am sure that when I reach at least server first 60 that I get very popular as a streamer. If I earn enough money with it to live from it is written in the stars, however, I am out of Ideas I don’t know a better solution.


This is a very strange and awful story can I help you somehow?

Yes, that would be great and you can’t imagine how much this means to me! I got raped from the law and no one is willing to help me.

There are different ways to help:

Way Number 1 is easy just join my stream and have fun there:)

As more viewer, the stream has more potential viewer will see it and maybe interested in it. Also is it cooler to have some life in the chat and have conversations with other viewers not just with the streamer, at least in my opinion 🙂

Way Number 2 is to tell your friends from my stream lul

Of course just if you enjoy my stream as well. Hmm I guess no one is reading the whole page if the person doesn’t like me stream^^ Nevertheless do I think I should mention it.

Way Number 3 is to like, comment and share social media.

The Algorithm recognizes a post as valuable if people interact with it and more people will see it.


The final Way Number 4 is to spend money.

As I mentioned before I don’t need to pay taxes when someone donates some money. A donation helps me to pay everything like the 2Rends that I still didn’t pay and of course to buy food from it. As I sad it isn’t easy for me right now. If, just if, this more wish-thinking right now. I would be able to live from donation and get 226€ together then could I write an English examen. With this examen could I finally study. There are other laws and I would be out of this situation with the jobcenter and of course, I got finally the chance to learn desired professional!

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    when are we getting grizzly shirts tho

  2. Big Fan

    I use your Pro Leveling Strats at Classic

  3. Choker Chain

    You are quite the nutty man! You remind me of my own youthful wish-thinking. Your adamant resolve and unmatched intelligence makes me have faith in humanity. I am so sorry that the law decided to rape you, if only more people we’re more dedicated to actually find a job instead of complaining online you would potentially not be out of food.


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