Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 58-60 Silithus, Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Winterspring and Felwood

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Silithus, Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Winterspring and Felwood Level 58-60

DO: „Are We There Yeti?“

DO: „Meet at the Grave“ use „Videre Elixir“ at the Graveyard outside Gadgetz

Move as Ghost North.

Q E: „Meet at the Grave“

Q A: „A Grave Situation“

Q E: „A Grave Situation“ click on the Grave on the Graveyard

Q A: „Linken’s Sword“

Fly to Un’Goro Crater

DO: „Are We There Yeti?“

Q E: „Linken’s Sword“

Q A: „A Gnome’s Assistance“

Q E: „A Gnome’s Assistance“

Q A: „Linken’s Memory“


Q E: „Wasteland“

Q A: „The Spirits of Southwind“

Do: „The Spirits of Southwind“ & „A Reliquary of Purity“ kill monster on the ways

Move to the City and accept all quests there don’t forget „Wanted – Deathclasp, Terror oft he Sands“

Start to kill Moster on the way for „Securing the Supply Lines“ & „Deadly Desert Venom“

Q E: „The Spirits of Southwind“

Q A: „Hive in the Tower

DO: „Hive in the Tower

Loot the drones for „Brann Bronzebeard’s Lost Letter“

Q E: „Hive in the Tower

Q A: „Umber, Archivist“

DO: „The Twilight Mystery“ Northwest

End all quests and accept the follow quests.

Do: “Noggle ‚S Last Hope“ & „Stepping Up Security“ on the ways

Q E: „The Deserter“

Q A: „ The Twilight Lexicon“

End all quests in the town and accept the following quests.

DO: „The Twilight Lexicon“ in the order 3>1>2

Be Careful with 3 & 2 rather kite than dmg. No wingclip!

dont do Rare “Twilightlord at the 3rd camp

you need also 20 Texts from them.

Do: „Noogle’s Lost Stachel“ & „Wanted – Deathclasp, Terror oft he Sands“ in the South

Q E: „The Twilight Mystery“

Q A: „True Believers“

Q A: „ A Terrible Purpose“

Q A: „True Believers“

Q E: „True Believers“

Go to the Town end all Quests there and get the flypoint

Us your HS to Winterspring

Take your Quiver out of the Bank and Switch to Bow again.




Use your HS.

Q E: „Are We There Yeti?“

Buy Arrows


Q E: „Toxic Horrors“

Q A: „Winterfall Runners“

Move to Moonglade

Q E: „Umber, Archivist“ 3000xp

Q A: „Uncovering Past Secrets“

Q E: „Uncovering Past Secrets“

Q E: „A Reliquary of Purity“ 7000xp

Skip „Shards of the Felvine“

Q A: „Under the Chinitin Was…“

Q E: „Under the Chinitin Was…“

fly to Darnassus


Q E: “Guardians of the Altar”

Q A: “Wildkin of Elune”

Q E: “Wildkin of Elune” Bow 2.8 Speed 26.6dps

Q E: “Calm Before the Storm” Keep

Q A:”Calm Before the Storm” Part 2

Q E: “Calm Before the Storm” Part 2 Bank


fly to Feldwood

DO: „Winterfall Runners“


This may not in the game yet:

Q A: „High Chief Winterfall“

DO: „High Chief Winterfall“

The Chief drops „Crudely-written Log

Q A: „The Final Piece“
Q E: „High Chief Winterfall“

Q E: „The Final Piece“

Q A: „Words oft he High Chief“

Grind Moonkins until enough xp to ding with the next Quests.


Move to Southern Felwood

Q E: „Words oft he High Chief“ 6400xp

Q E: „A Final Blow“7000xp ca

Q E: „Linken’s Memory“ 5450

Q E: „The Remains of Trey Lightforge“ 7000



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