Classic World of Warcraft 1-60 Cryphis 58-58 Winterspring and Felwood

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Winterspring and Felwood Level 58-58


Move to moonglade

Get Fly Point

Q E: „Rabine Saturna“

Q A: „Wasteland“

Q A: „A Reliquary of Purity“ Possible to get?

If you havent “Strange Sources” by “Donova Snowden” move to Winterspring and accept them otherwise fly to Winterspring Everlook!

 Stable your pet 


End & accept all quests there

make this your new home. 

Buy 5 Stacks Mana

Get a Winterspring Screecher 57-59 Claw Rank &Screech Rank 4 there are a bit in the north/east

Q E: „Enraged Wildkin“

Q A: „Enraged Wildkin“


Get your cat back

DO: „Chillwind Horns“ there are south from „Are We There, Yeti?“ If there are dead go tot he Yeti Quest. Repeat that until you are done

DO: „Are We There, Yeti?“

Q E: „Are We There, Yeti?“

Q A: „Are We There, Yeti?“

DO: „Are We There, Yeti?“

Q E: „Enraged Wildkin“ You need to end by a „damaged Crate“ which is in the south west of winterspring in a camp right befor the southerst cave.

Q A: „Enraged Wildkin“

Q E: „Enraged Wildkin“

Q A: „Enraged Wildkin“

DO: „Enraged Wildkin“ by clicking on the supplys close to the wargon

Q E: “Find Ranshalla”

Q A: “Guardians of the Altar”

DO: “Guardians of the Altar”

Get your Pet here to level 58.

Do: “Luck Be With You“  dont kill “Frostmaul Giants alone

DO „Strange Sources“


HS & end all the quests there and accept the follow quests.

Q E: „Enraged Wildkin“

Q E: „Strange Sources“

Q A: „Threat of the Winterfall“

Do: „Winterfall Activity“ & „Threat of the Winterfall“  ( loot them for „empty Firewarter Flaks“ & „Winterfall Ritual Totem“ )

Q E: „Winterfall Activity“

Q E: „Threat of the Winterfall“ 

Q E: „Winterfall Firewater“

Q A: „Falling to Corruption“

Move to Felwood

Q E: „Falling to Corruption“

Q A: „Mystery Goo“

 Move back to Winterspring

Q E: „Mystery Goo“

Q A: „Toxic Horrors“


Move to felwood.

DO: „Toxic Horrors“


Fly to Feralas 

Q E: “The Morrow Stone”

Fly to Tanaris

Q E: “Pawn Captures Queen”

Q A: “Calm Before the Storm”



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