Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 57-58 Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands and Felwood

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands and Felwood Level 57-58

Q A: „Carrion Grubbage“, „Demon Dogs“, „Blood Tinged Skies“

DO on the way to Q E: „Little Pamela“ :

„Carrion Grubbage“ (loot)

„Demon Dogs“ (kill)

„Blood Tinged Skies“ (kill)

Just a bit dont kill too much!

Q A: „ Pamela’s Doll“

DO: „ Pamela’s Doll“

You need to go in the two houses to find the right side, left side and the head of the doll on the floor and click then 1 of the pieces in the inventory

Q E: „ Pamela’s Doll“

Q A: “Auntie Marlene”

Q A: “Uncle Carlin”

DO: „Blood Tinged Skies“ (kill), „Demon Dogs“ (kill) & „Carrion Grubbage“ (loot) on the way to



Move to lightshope

Buy Arrows and Mana

Q A: “The Restless Souls”

Q E: „Uncle Carlin“ 

Q A: “Defenders of Darrowshire”

Make this your home.


 Do: „Demon Dogs“ on the ways!

Q E: „Trouble Spirits of Kel’Theril“ skip the follow Quest.

Move to northwest to „Plaguewood“ kill everything on the way except Gargoyles they have more HP than the other mobs.
DO: „Defenders of Darrowshire“ & „A Plague Upon Thee“

Q E: „The Restless Souls“ you needed to be 55 to accept this quest in Lightshope skip the following quest

Q A: “Augustus’ Receipt Book”

DO: “Augustus’ Receipt Book”

Q E: “Augustus’ Receipt Book”

Use HS to lightshope

Accept the other Quests.



„Carrion Grubbage“ (loot)

„Demon Dogs“ (kill)

„Blood Tinged Skies“ (kill)


Q E: „Demon Dogs“, „Blood Tinged Skies“ & „Carrion Grubbage“
Q A: “Redemption“

DO: “Redemption“ you need to sit down and talk with him then.

Q E: “Redemption“

Q A: „Of Forgotten Memories“

DO: “ Zaeldarr the Outcast“ & „Of Forgotten Memories“ attack the named boss on run away with him. FD to lose the others or run further until the go.

Q A: “Hameya’s Plea” level 55+ on the Scroll

Q E: „Of Forgotten Memories“

Q A: „Of Lost Honor“

Use your HS. If its not ready sleep or take a break.

End all your quests there.

Buy A lot of Bullets


DO: „Of Lost Honor“

Grind on the ways!

DO: “Hameya’s Plea” be on full mana for the Named

Q E: “Hameya’s Plea”

Q E: „Of Lost Honor“ at a Dirt Pile outside the tomb

Q A: „Of Love and Family

Just swim to Caer Darrow

Q E: „Of Love and Family skip the following quest.

Q E: „Auntie Marlene“ take the Bridge

Q A: „A Strange Historian“

DO: „A Strange Historian“ the Ring is in a Grave outside.

End the Quests and accept the follow Quests

Go to the Chillwind point

Q E: “Mission Accomplised!”

Q E: “Return to Chillwind Point”

Q E: “A Plague Upon The Three”

Q A: “A Plague Upon The Three”



Q E: „A Strange Historian“ at chromie

Q E: „A Matter of Time“

Q A: „The Annals of Darrowshire“

Q A: „Counting Out Time“
Do: „Counting Out Time“  & „Skeletal Fragments“ & „The Annals of Darrowshire” the Realbook is “whiter” than the other ones! Dismiss your pet by entering and exit this House.

Q E: „The Annals of Darrowshire“
Q E: „Counting Out Time“

Q A: „Brother Carlin“ skip the other quest.

Q E: „A Plague Upon the Thee“

Q A: „A Plague Upon the Thee“

Q E: „Unfinished Business“

Q A: „Unfinished Business“

DO: „Unfinished Business“ if there is a level 63 Rare Elite you are able to FD skip him right side at the mountain.

Q E: „Unfinished Business“

Q A: „Unfinished Business“

Use your HS

Q E: „Brother Carlin“

Q A: “Heroes of Darrowshire”

Q A: “Villans of Darrowshire”

Buy Arrows and Mana


fly to Stromwind

Q A: „The New Frontier“ by „Crier Goodman“ which is patrolling through the city

not important if you cant get him now!

Q E: „Better Late then Never“ Cathedral Scare

Q A: „Good Natured Emma“

Q E: „Good Natured Emma“ Runs Arround.

Q A: „Good Luck Charm“

Get new Hunter

respec pet to Armor and Stamina

Make sure to get Ice Trap Rank2!

Q A: „The First and the Last“ you need to be level 56 in the King Room

Q E: „The First and the Last“

Q A: „Honor the Dead“

Q E: „Honor the Dead“

Q A: „Flint Shadowmore“



Fly to Burning Steppes accept all not Dungeon Quests there.


DO: „Dragonkin Menace“, 

„Broodling Essence“

 „Fifty! Yep!“ doesnt need to be done yet!


Q A: „A Taste of Flame“

Q E: „A Taste of Flame“

Skip the follow quest.

Q E: „Broodling Essence“
Q A: „Felnok Steelspring“

DO:  finish „Fifty! Yep!“

DO: „Gor’tesh the Brute Lord“

Go to Morgan’s Vigil and end all Quest

Do: „Ogre Head on a Stick = Party“

Go to the Redridge mountains

Buy food in the Inn here

Q E: „The True Masters“

Q A: „The True Masters”

Fly to Stormwind

Q A: „The New Frontier“ by „Crier Goodman“ which is patrolling through the city

not important if you cant get him now!

Q E: „The True Masters“ Stormwind Keep

Q A: „The True Masters“


DO: „The True Masters“ you need to speak with Lady Prestor

Q E: „The True Masters“

Q A: „The True Masters“

Fly back to Redridge Mountains.

Buy food in the Inn here

Q E: „The True Masters“

Q A: „The True Masters“

Fly to the Burning Steppes

Q E: „Ogre Head on a Stick = Party“

Q E: „The True Masters“

Skip the follow quests.

Fly to Blasted Lands
Q A: „Petty Squablles“
Q E: „Petty Squablles“

Q A: „A Tale of Sorrow“
DO: „A Tale of Sorrow“ by talking with him

Q E: „A Tale of Sorrow“

Q A: „The Stones That Bind Us“
DO: „The Stones That Bind Us“

Start in the east and make a half circle then move the half circle back.

Be Careful with Rares! Kite them!
Q E: „The Stones That Bind Us“

Q A: „Heroes of Old“

Q E: „Heroes of Old“

Q A: „Heroes of Old“

Q E: „Heroes of Old“





Use your Heart Stone

Buy Bullets and Mana

DO: „Villains of Darrowshire“ first in the lake then in the Scar

Do: „Heroes of Darrowshire“ first at the field



Do: „Heroes of Darrowshire“ Respawn time is 15min from them so it’s possible if you down die!

Use your Human Tracking Skill and zoom in with the mini map.

Kill all Elites 1 by 1. you need to disable the aoe abilities from your pet. 

In the last room do you need to attack the 1 in the corner wolf attack feign death.

For the Elite do you use your Ice Trap. He one shots be careful!


DO: „Unfinished Business“ use Icetrap for the Elite on the top jump down and Feign Death dismiss your pet before.


Q E: „Unfinished Business“

Q E: „Good Luck Charm“

Q A: „Two Halves Become One“

DO: „Two Halves Become One“ you need to kill a green/blue Ghoul called „Jabbering Ghoul“ at this field. Then Combine the Items to click on it in your inventory.

Q E: „Two Halves Become One“

Use your HS



Q E: „Villains of Darrowshire“ & „Heroes of Darrowshire“

Q A: „Marauders of Darrowshire

Buy Mana and Alot Bullets

Get the Trinket „Argent Dawn Commission“ to farm 10 „Invader’s Scourgestones“

DO: „Marauders of Darrowshire“ use the  „Mystic Crystal“ in your inventory after looting skulls from Champions. Kill the undead Mages but don’t do the humans!


Move to Lightshope

Change 10 „Invader’s Scourgestones“ to 1 „Argent Dawn Valor Token“

Q E: „Marauders of Darrowshire“

Q A: „Return to Chromie“

Q E: „They Call me „ The Rooster“



fly to the western plaguelands.

End all quests there and accept the following quests.

Q E: „Return to Chromie“

Skip the follow Quest.

DO: “The Eastern Plagues”

Use your Heart Stone


Buy 3 Stacks Mana and alot of Bullets

Fly to the Western Plaguelands

Q E: “The Eastern Plagues”

Q A:„The Blightcaller Cometh“

Q E: „The Blightcaller Cometh“ skip the follow quest 6600xp Stormwind Keep





Fly to the wetlands and take a ship tot he Darkshore and fly from there to Darnassus.

Q E: “Moontouched Wildkin”

Q A: “Find Ranshalla”

Q A: „The New Frontier“ if you haven’t already

Q E: “Prayer to Elune”  if you got the Quest

Q E: „Glyphed Oaken Branch“ 5800 & „Morrowgrain Research“ & „The New Frontier“

Q A: “Morrowgrain Research”

Q A: „The New Frontier“

Q E: „The New Frontier“

Q A: „Rabine Saturna“

Q E: “Morrowgrain Research”

Q A: “Morrowgrain Research”

Q E: “Morrowgrain Research”

Get Hunter Skills


Fly to Astanaar buy Mana move then to Felwood

Q E: „Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood“ & „Felbound Ancients“

Q A: „Dousing the flames of protection“

Q A: “Purified!”

Q E: “Purified!”

DO: „Dousing the flames of protection“

Kill enemys till you get „Blood Red Key“

Q A: „A Strange Red Key“

Q E: „A Strange Red Key“

Q A: „Rescue From Jaedenar“

Be Careful with respawn and attack allways first!
Outside is a Elite to kill!


Q E: „Rescue From Jaedenar“

Q A: „Retribution of the Light“

Q E: „Dousing the flames of protection“

Q A: „A Final Blow“

DO: „Retribution of the Light“
Q E: „Retribution of the Light“
Q A:“The Remains of Trey Lightforge“

DO: „A Final Blow“

Get 58 Hunter Skills and Reset Pet skills

you skill him later with new skills. Than full Armour bit Stamina and Nature Res.

Move to Moonglade





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