Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 51-53 Felwood & Azshara

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Felwood & Azshara  Level 51-53

Get a „Ironbeak Owl“

Q A: „Cleansing Felwood

Q A: „Timbermaw Ally“

Q A: „The Corruption oft he Jadefire“

Q A: „Verifying the Corruption

Q A: „Forces of Jaedenar“

Do: „Timbermaw Ally“

Q E: „Timbermaw Ally“

Q A: „Speak to Nafien“

DO: „The Corruption of the Jadefire“

DO: „Forces of Jaedenar“

DO: „A Little Slime Goes a Long Way“

DO: „Verifying the Corruption“

DO: „Cleansing Felwood“

Get the Waypoint at 62 24.


End all Quests accept the following quests.

DO: „Collection of the Corrupt water“

DO: „ Further Corruption“

While killing the named Mob „Xavaric“ make sure to loot him for „Flute of Xavaric.

Q A: „Flute of Xavaric“

DO: „Flute of Xavaric“ by killing more Satyr

Be 12k xp away from level 52!


End all quest

Q A: „Felbound Ancients“

Q A: “Seeking Spiritual Aid”



Use your HS

Buy 14 Mana 

Q A: „A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!“


DO: „Felbound Ancients“


Get your owl

Get Hunter Skills and accept „The Hunter’s Charm“ Reset your Pet and get Fire Res. Armour and a bit Frost.

Q A: “Moontouched Wildkin”



Fly to Auberdine and make this your new home.

Fly further to Ratched

Q E: „Volcano!“

Q E: „Seeking Spiritual Aid“

Q A: „Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood“

Move back and fly to Azshara

Buy 7600Arrows




Q E: „The Hunter’s Charm“

Q A: „Courser Antlers“
DO: „Courser Antlers“

Q A: „Kim’Jael“

DO: „Kim’Jael“ Careful high range and high dmg! and heal

Q E: „Kim’Jael“

Q A: „Kim’jael’s „Missing“ Equipment“

Q E: „Courser Antlers“

Q A:“ Wavethrashing“

Kill Naga for „Kim’jael’s Missing“ Equipment (Drop)

Q E: „Kim’jael’s „Missing“ Equipment

Keep at least 2 mana Potions in your inventory and scrolls

DO: “Wavethrashing“ While you need to wait for  the respawn grind the other mobs. TheTurtless and the Scrabble are easy to kill. Try to avoid the morlucs since they have more armour and more health points. Grind till level 53 98% 

Q E:“ Wavethrashing“
Skip the follow quest

Be Level 54



Us your HS to Auberdine.

Buy Mana


Fly to felwood





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