Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 44-46 Feralas and Tanaris

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Feralas and Tanaris 44-46

Accept all Quest there

Buy meat & Mana

Move to the East

Q E: „Stoley’s Debt“ & get all quests there.

Buy Arrows

Do: All Pirate quests

grind them until you get “Ship Schedule” from “Pirate’s Footlocker”

End All Quests in the East

DO: „Wastewander Justice“ & “Water Pouch Bounty”

Move to Gadgetzan end all quests


DO: „More Wastewander Justice“ & „WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting“ he has 2 adds be careful!

DO: „Gadgetzan water survey“


End all Quests in Gadgetzan

Keep 1 Stack of Silk

Do: „Noxious Lair Investigation“

Die on Purpose to end in Gadgetzan

Stable your Pet Lupos


End all the quests in Gadgetzan

Buy Meat

Stable your Pet Lupos

Fly to Feralas

Tame  41 „Longtooth Runner“ wolf for Bite Rank 6, Furious Howl Rank 3 & Dash Rank 2


Do: „Screecher Spirits“

Go to the Island
if the ship is there take it and jump down on the Naga side to save time and grind.
Otherwise, if the ship just came or isn’t there just swim, this is faster. accept all quests

Q E:“ The Missing courier“

Q A: „The Missing courier“

Get Lupos back

Buy: 5 Stack level 35 Mana 3 Stacks 45 Mana and 5000 Arrows

Q E: „The Ruins of Solarasal“

Q E: „Return to Feathermoon Stronghold“

Do all the Naga quests until “Against Lord Shalzaru”

DO: “Against Lord Shalzaru” and grind here till level 45 75%

Give your pet 1 Nature Res


DO: „The High Wilderness“

Get a “Hippogryph Egg” in the South

DO: „The Mark of Quality“ & the Egg Quest if its there.


Q A: „Zapped Giants“ & „Fuel for the Zapping“

Do both on the way to „The Missing Courier“

Q E: „Zapped Giants“ & „Fuel for the Zapping“

Be level 46

Go to the Island End all Quest and accept the new ones. you need to be 46 for all Quests.

Buy: Fill your quiver and buy 5 More stacks of Arrows.


Sell “Hippogryph Egg” that you can rebuy it!

DO: “Improved Quality”

grind here until you drop “Pristine Yeti Hide” which starts a quest.

Get a “Hippogryph Egg” in the South



Q A: „Freedom for all creatures“

Q E: „Freedom for all creatures“

Q A: „Doling Justice“

DO: „Doling Justice“ there is also a second camp in the Nord east go there when you killed everything in the first camp

Q E: „Doling Justice“

Q A: „Doling Justing“


Q E: „The Woodpaw Gnolls“

Q A: „The Writhing Deep“

You got a Bag in your inventory click this bag to

Q A: „Thalanaar Delivery“

DO: „The Writhing Deep“

You need to attack the EGG in the middle

Q A: „Freed from the Hive“

Attack the Egg again.




Get the new quest and move to Thalanaar

Q E: „Thalanaar Delivery“

Fly further to Tanaris.

Accept all new quest.

End the Egg Quest with each “Hippogryph Egg”

Q E: „The Sunken Temple“
Q A: „Gahz’ridian“ & „The Stone Circle“

DO: „The scrimshank Redemption“

Give your pet 1 Fire Res


DO:  „Gahz’ridian“  &, „The Dunemaul Compound“  don’t kill “Omgorn the Lost” here

DO: „The Thirsty Goblin“

Q A: “Tooga’s Quest” around 33 72.

Grind everything on the way the turtle is following you.

Q E: “Tooga’s Quest”

Do the Chicken Quest if you got the Egg! Do the follow Quest.

Finish all the quests

Keep 1 Stack “Silk Cloth“  in your inventory.


End all quest and get follow Quests.

You need to have 100g by now if you have lesser grind and the Orgers.

Fly to Feralas

End all quest and get follow Quests.

Fly to Darnarssus


 Q E: „Handle With Care“

Q A:” “Favored of Elune?”

Q E: „In Search of Knowledge“

Q A: „Feralas: A History“ it’s a book on the opposite side from Daryn Lightwind

Q E: „Feralas: A History“

Q A: „The Borrower“

Try to get “Frost Oil”

get Hunter & Pet Skills and Mount!

Q E: „Doling Justice“

Q E:“ Rise oft he Silithid“

Q E:“ Rise oft he Silithid“

Fly to Tanaris end all Quests and accept follow Quests.

use your HS to the wetlands



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