Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 35-38 Dustwallow Marsh and Stranglethorn Vale

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Dustwallow Marsh and Stranglethorn Vale Level 35-38


 Make this your home!

Buy Meat in the inn

end all quests and accept the following quests

Get Moonsteel Broadsword from your post box which you bought with your bank char.

If you couldn’t get it, would it be okay.

Get Arrows

Buy 3 „Shooting Spices“ a trade vendor is in the last building on the south side before you are at the dock.


Skip “Mudrock Soup and Bugs” super low drop rate

DO: ” The Missing Diplomat”

Q E: ” The Missing Diplomat”

Q A: ” The Missing Diplomat”


Q A: “The Orc Report“ click on the Tomb. close to the Quest „Shooting Spices“ if you havent already

Q A: „Shooting Spices“

Q E:“ Shooting Spices“

Q A: “Jarl Needs Eyes“

DO: “Hungry!“

Q A: “Stinky’s Escape“

You can kill enemies meanwhile!

Q E: ” The Missing Diplomat”

Q A: ” The Missing Diplomat” you need to kill the NPC

Q E: ” The Missing Diplomat”

Q E: ” The Missing Diplomat”

DO: „Jarl Needs Eyes“

Q E: “Hungry!“

Q E: “The Deserters“

Q A: The Deserters“

Use HS or kill yourself to spawn in the city.

Rescue yourself at the ghosthealer.

 There is no new Diplomat Quest in town. Questi is buggy!

Q E: “Stinky’s Escape“

Q E: „The Deserters“

Q E: „Jarl Needs Eyes“

Q A:“ Jarl Needs a Blade“ if you have the blade otherwise skip.


Move to Ratchet in the Barrens

Get Fligh Point

Q E: “Wharfmaster Dizzywig”

Q A: “Parts for Kravel”

Take the boot to BB


Get Arrows

Pages out of the Bank

Make this your home!

Buy 4 Stacks Mana

Accept all quests except „Zanzil’s Secret“ & „Akiris by the Bundle


 DO: „Singing Blue Shards“ & „Raptor Mastery“

DO: „Hostile Takeover“(loot)

DO: „Panther Mastery“

After ZG very south between the 2 trees in the area 1 then on the mountain 2 in the middle direction to the forge at the tree 3, at the forge 4.

Go Further to the Ogers left from the elite cat 5, there is one as well. Behind Elite Cat 6Other side from elite cat 7. Move to the big three on the mountain8.

Q A: „The Hidden Key“ if you havent it

DO: “Special Forces“

DO: „Supply and Demand“

Dont end “ Special Forces“ yet

Q E: “Panther Mastery“

Q A: „Panther Mastery“
Q E: „Helmet Nesingwary“

GO to 19 13 and grind the trolls here till level 37 85%

Loot a few for „Bloodscalp Ear“

DO: „The Stone of the Tides“

Use Heart Stone


 End all quest and accept all the follow quests

Fly to Stormwind


Make this your home

Q A: „Mazen’s Behest“ Outside theMage Quarter

Q E: „Mazen’s Behest“

Q A: „Mazen’s Behest“

Also Q A: „In Search of The Temple“ first building right side Dwarven District!

Get Hunter & Pet skills. Dwarven District

Respect your PET!


Fly to Ironforge

Move to the Hall of Exporers

Q E: “The Karnitol Shipwreck”

Q E: “Reagents for Reclaimers INC.”

Q E: “Letter to Strompike” skip the follow Quest

Q A: “Ironband Wants You!”

Buy: 42 Bow in Iron Forge 6g 11s 56c 22dps 2.8speed Millitaryquarter

Q E: „A King’s Tribute“ South

Q A: „A King’s Tribute“ Part 2

Q E: „ A King’s Tribute“ Part 2 at king


Fly to Loch Modan 

Q E: “Ironband Wants You!”

Q A: “Find Agmond”

Move to the Badlands

Q A: “A Dwarf and His Tools”

Q A: “Mirages”

DO: “A Dwarf and His Tools”

Q A: “A Sign of Hope” click on the letter under the tent where you killed the Dwarfs 

DO: “Mirages”

Q E: “A Dwarf and His Tools”

Q E: “Mirages”

Q A: “Scrounging”

Q E: “A Sign of Hope” skip follow Quest

keep 4 Buzzard Wings in your inventory


DO: “Scrounging”

Q E: “Scrounging”


Q E: “Martek the Exiled”

Q A: “Indurium”

Q A: “Barbecued Buzzard Wings”

Q E: “Barbecued Buzzard Wings”


Q E: “Find Agmond” south at a skelleton

Q A: “Murdaloc”

 DO: “Murdaloc” & “Indurium”


Q E: “Indurium”

Q A: “News for Fizzle”





Q A: “Study of the Elements: Rock” West

DO:  “Study of the Elements: Rock”

 Q E: “Study of the Elements: Rock”

 Q A: “Study of the Elements: Rock” Part 2

DO: “Study of the Elements: Rock” Part 2

 Q E: “Study of the Elements: Rock” Part 2

Q A: “Study of the Elements: Rock” Part 3

DO: “Study of the Elements: Rock” Part 3

 Q E: “Study of the Elements: Rock” Part 3

Move to Loch Modan

Q E: “Murdaloc” skip the follow Quest.

Use your Heart Stone to Stormwind

Buy 5 Stack of Mana

fly to Duskwood 

Make this your home

Fill your entier Inventory with Arrows

Move to Swamp of Sorrows



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