Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 34-36 Stranglethorn Vale, Thousand Needles and Desolace

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Stranglethorn Vale, Thousand Needles and Desolace Level 34-36




 Take Flight point 

Stable the OWL

End all Quests dont take the follow Quests except “Highperch Venom”

Q A: “The Orc Report” on the grave close to the Shooting Spice Quest

Q A: „Hungry!“

DO: move to the Barrens and accept the 3 Quests on the House.


Go to 1k nadel!

Loot the Book at the corpse at 30 24.

Get a random Pet

go to feralas get the waypoint

Q E: “Lonebrow’s Journal” skip the follow Quest

get the FP.

Go back to 1k needle

Do: “Highperch Venom”


Accept all quests in “the Shimmering Flats” except „ Load Lightening“

Start in the west and grind in a circle. Avoid “terror” Skopions

Also get a „Salt Flats Vulture“ for screech rank 2!


End the quests then and accept the follow quests except „Encrusted Tail Fins“


Go to Tanaris

Get your Owl back
fly to Feralas


Die at the first mob and resurrect your self

Go to Desolace

Try to do „Bodyguard for Hire and „Gizelton Caravan“ just with 34+ when there are available.

Q A: „Bone Collector“

Go to Nijel’s Point End and accept all quests there exluding “Brutal Politics”

Keep 4 “Buzzard Wings”

Get FP

Get Arrows in the Inn

Make this your home!

Put your Pet in the Stable


Tame a Scorpashi Snapper for Claw Rank 4

Move back and take your Owl out of the Sable



Q A: “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”

DO: “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”

Do: „Strange Alliance“  by grinding in Magram Village

Q E: „Strange Alliance“

Q A: „Raid on the Kolkar“

DO: „Bone Collector“

DO:  and „Raid on the Kolkar“ & „Centaur Bounty

Q E: „Vahlarriel’s Search“

Q A: „Vahlarriel’s Search“ Part 2

Q E: „Vahlarriel’s Search“ Part 2

Q A: „Vahlarriel’s Search“ Part 3

Q E:“ „Centaur Bounty“

Q E: “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.” 

Q A: “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.” Part 2

Q A: „Sceptre of Light“ in The East

Q E: “The Karnitol Shipwreck”

Q E: “The Karnitol Shipwreck” Part 2

Give your Pet Fire & Shadow Res

Q E: „Vahlarriel’s Search“ Part 3

-> Be sure to kill the Patrol outside the inner building first then be carefull with the patrol inside

Q A: „Search for Tyranis“

DO: „Sceptre of Light“

DO: „Search for Tyranis“Part 4 is inside the walls

Q E: „Search for Tyranis“

Q A:“ Return to Vahlarriel“

Go to Nijel’s Point

Q E:“ Return to Vahlarriel“

Q E: “The Karnitol Shipwreck” Part 2

Q A: “The Karnitol Shipwreck” Part 3

Q A: “Down the Scarlet Path” Req: level 34

Q E: „Sceptre of Light“

Q A: “Book of the Ancients”

DO: “Book of the Ancients”

DO: “The Karnitol Shipwreck” Part 3

QE: “Book of the Ancients”

Q E: “The Karnitol Shipwreck” Part 3 in Town

Q A: “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.”

Q E: „Bone Collector“

DO: “Down the Scarlet Path”

DO: “Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.” 

Q E: „Raid on the Kolkar“

Use your Heart Stone

End all Quests in this Area!

 Get Follow Quests

Fly to Dustwallow Marsh



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