Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 21-26 Wetlands

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Wetlands Level 21-26

Q A: Everything except “Fiora Longears” & “Young Crocolsik Skins”

Get 2 Stack Food

50 Mana

make this your home
half Inventory of Arrows

lvl 20 BOW 63s 49c


Move to the bridge and Q A: „In Search of The Excavation Team“

DO: „Claws from the Deep“

Q E: „Claws from the Deep“

Do: “Reclaming Good“ and the follow quest, dont go back to the city.

Buy: „Bronze Tube“ at Fradd Swiftgear 26 25

Move to the Street


Q A: “Daily Delivery“

Q E: „The Greenwarden“

Don’t take the following quest.

Go East and grind the 22-27 Welps and ozzes for „Digging Through the Ooze“

Grind till level 23


Than go to Arathi Highland jump in the water

Get the Envelope at the skeletton 44 93

Use your Heart stone


Buy more Arrows! Also 2 Stacks level 25.


DO: “Young Crocolisk Skins“ on the ways

grind the 22-27 Welps and ozzes for „Digging Through the Ooze“  and XP till level 24 60%.

DO: „War Banners“



Q E: „IN Search of The Excavation Team“

Take all quest. And the Item for „The Absent Minded Prospector“

Q A: „Report to Captain Stoutfist“
Q E: „Report to Captain Stoutfist“

Q A: „War Banners“


DO: “Omer’s Revenge“ & „The Absent Minded Prospector“

Q E: “Omer’s Revenge“

Q A: “Omer’s Revenge“ follow

DO: “Omer’s Revenge“ and „uncovering the past“

Q E: “Omer’s Revenge“ and „uncovering the past“

DO: “Omer’s Revenge“ and End it!

Use HS and end all quests.

get follow Quests.
Buy level 25 Arrows and Mana/Meat


DO: “Apprentice’s Duties” dont need to be done yet!

Grind Welps again till level 27

DO: „Nek’rosh’s Gambit“

Move then to Loch Modan.



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