Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 12-17 Darkshore

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Darkshore Level 12-17

Q A: „Flight to Auberdine“

Q E; „Flight to Auberdine“

Take a flight to darkshore

Q A: „Return to Nessa“

Take all quests except“The Family and the fishing pole“ and „Tools oft he Highborne(take it later) new home

buy Mana & Fish


DO: „Buzzbox 827“ (Drop) & „Washed Ashore“ & „How Big a Threat?“ & „Plagued Lands“

Get Follow Quests.

DO: “Washed assore“ and „Buzzbox“ can be skipped

Q E: “Washed assore“

DO: „The Red crystal“

Use Heart Stone

Q E: „The red crystal“

Q A: “As Water Cascades“
DO: “As Water Cascades“ get water from the moonwell and then go back to the red crystal“
Q A: „The Fragments Within“

Q E: „Bashal“Aran“ (Talk quest)

DO: The Follow Quest until you are done in this area.


DO: „How Big a Threat?“ & Cleansing of the Infected“ both don’t need to be finished.

Don’t kill “Carnivous the breaker” he is too strong.

Q A: Turtle at 37 61

Q A: „Beached Sea Creature“ at 36 71

Q A: „The Fall of Ameth’Aran“

DO: All 3 Quests in Ameth‘ Aran(Item’s and loot quests) farm here till level 14 70%

Q E: „The Fall of Ameth’Aran“

DO: „How Big a Threat?“ till done.

Q E: „All quests in Auberdine except “Tools of the Highborn”


Q E:Bashal’Aran


DO: „Fruit oft he Sea“

DO: „Deep Ocean, Vast Sea“

Q A: „Beached Sea Creature“ at 42.3 32.0

Q A: „Beached Sea Turtle“ at 44.3 21.0

Q E: „Buzzbox“ (if you have it) skip the follow quest low dropp chance

DO: “The Cliffspring River“ (Item inv)

DO: „The Tower of Althalaxx“(Drop) grind till level 15 30%


Q A: “Gyromast’s Retrieval“

Q A: “Beached Sea Turtle” 53 18

DO:  “Gyromast’s Retrieval“

Q E: “Gyromast’s Retrieval“

DO:“Cleansing of the Infected“ if arent done already

DO:“Cave Mushrooms“ 

DO: „Tharnariun’s Hope


Move to Auberdine don’t HS!

Q A: “ WANTED: Murkdeep!“

Q E: All Quests in the Auberdine and accept follow quests except “The Absent Minded Prospector“, you need to take it later.

Go to Darnarssus Q E: „Return to Nessa“


Go to the weapon trainer and get „Staffs“ if you haven’t already

Buy lvl 16 BOW



Get skills

QA: „Trouble in Darkshore?“

use HS!


Buy 3 Stacks Mana lvl 15

Buy 3 Stack of fish lvl 15/5

QE: „Trouble in Darkshore?“ 

Q A:“ The Absent Minded Prospector“

Q A: “ WANTED: Murkdeep!“ 


Q E: „ONU“ (talk Quest) and „Grove of the Ancients.
Q A: „The Masters‘ Glaive“

DO: „The Masters‘ Glaive“ (Loot“ and summon with inv item“)
The follow Quests is a book in the middle.

Q A: „Return to Onu“

Q A: “Therylune’s Escape

Grind till level17  and you got “The Powers Below” Which starts a Quest

Q E: : “The Absent Minded Prospector“  do the Escort if you aren’t alone


DO:“ WANTED: Murkdeep!“

Q A:“Beached Sea Creature“ at 32.6 81.1

Q A:“Beached Sea Turtle“ at 31.6 83.7

Q A:“Beached Sea Turtle“ at 31 85

Q A:“Beached Sea Creature“ at 31 87

Q E: „Return to Onu

Skip the Follow Quest „Mathystra Relics“


Q A:“The Sleeper Has Awakened“ Open the Chest close to the Quest Giver to get the Horn.

You are able to attack enemies on the way without wasting time.

Q A:“ One Shot. One Kill.“ 46 90

DO:“ One Shot. One Kill.“



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