Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis 1-12 Teldrassil

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Teldrassil Level 1-12

Q A: „The Balance of Nature“

Q A: „The Woodland Protector“

DO: „The Balance of Nature“ grind here till level 2 95% loot enemys!

Q A: „A Good Friend“

Bow level 3 Bow 2s 85c and sell

Q A: „Webwood Venom“

Q E: „The Balance of Nature“

Q A: „The Balance of Nature“ Part 2

Q E: „The Woodland Protector“
Q A: „The Woodland Protector“ Part 2


DO: „The Balance of Nature“ Part 2 & „The Woodland Protector“ Part 2
Q E: „A Good Friend“

Q A: „A friend in Need“

DO: „Webwood Venom“

Keep 7 „small spider leg“


End all quests & accept the following quests.

Sell and get your level 4 Skills.


Do: „Iverron´s Antidote“

DO: Webwood Egg(Item Spider EGG)
Kill your self to respawn in the town

End all quest and accept follow Quests All follow Quests.

Do: „Crown of the Earth“(Item in inv)

Q E: „Iverron´s Antidote“
End all quest

Q A: „Crown of the Earth“ Part 2(talk Quest)



Move to Dolanaar!


QA: „Zenn´s Bidding“

Do: „Zenn´s Bidding“

Q E: „Zenn´s Bidding“

Right tree house Quests and Frist Aid

Middle House Quests Heartstone and Hunter Skills


Moonwell accept the quest!



Do: „Crown of the Earth“

Q E: „A Troubling Breeze“(Talk)

Q A: „Gnarlpine Corruption“

DO: „The Emerald Dreamcatcher“ (Item, it is on the right side in the building




Buy melee weapon 4s 1c if possible

End all Quests and accept the following quest, sell meanwhile

Learn cooking and do the Quest.



Q A: “Seek Redemption”

DO: „Seek Redemption!“ It´s close to all of the trees. (no need to finish it)

Q E: Denalan´s Earth“ get 2 follow Quests

Do: „Timberling Seeds“ and „timberling Sprouts“ there is a second spot in the south

Q E: „Timberling Seeds“ and „timberling Sprouts“

Accept the following quest


Q E: “Seek Redemption”

Do: Ferocitas the Dream Eater

HS/ die but be careful to not spawn in Shadowglen


Q E: Everything except „The Emerald Dreamcatcher“, accept new quests.

Sell Items & get level 8 skills also Buy the level 4 Bow

Do: „Melenas´Head“(more east than on Mini Map)

DO: „The Road to darnassus“

DO: „Crown oft he Earth“ (Item inv)

Q A: „The Glowing Fruit“ (South)

Grind till 2100xp bevor level 10
Than Die to Dolnaar not Darnasus!

Start Pet Quest and get Skills

Get “Strigid Hunter” as PET


Go to Darnasus

Q E: „Rellian Greenspyre“

Q A: „Tumors“,

Q A: „The Temple of the moon“ end this and get the follow Quest „Tears oft he moon“

Q A: „The Enchanted Glade“

DO: „Crown oft he Earth“

Do: „The Enchanted Glade“(Drop)

Q A: „Misa“ if you are not alone.

Q A: „Fruit Quest“

Q E:“ The Enchanted Glade“440xp

Q A: follow quests

DO: „Tumors“

Kill the rare when you are not alone.

DO: „Tears of the moon“ (named Spider)



Die over the river to respawn in Darnassus

Get level 11 Bow and level 10 Arrows

End all quests and accept the follow Quests

Hs to Dolnaar


End all Quests and accept the follow Quests



Q E: „Return to Denalan“

Q E: „The Glowing Fruit“

Q E: „The Glowing Fruit“
Q A: „Oakenscowl“

DO: „Oakenscowl“ ask for help!

Q E: „Oakenscowl“



Q A: “Nessa Shadowsong”

Q E: „Nessa Shadowsong“

Q A: „The Bounty of Teldrassil“

Q E. „The Bounty of Teldrassil“



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