Classic World of Warcraft 1-60 Cryphis 38-42 Swamp of Sorrows and Stranglethorn Vale

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.

Swamp of Sorrows and Stranglethorn Vale Level 38-42

Q A: „Encroaching Wildlife“

Do: „Encroaching Wildlife“ on the ways

Q A: “Draenethyst Crystals“

(here is also a sell dude!)

Q E: „Encroaching Wildlife“

Q A: “„The Lost Caravan“

DO: „Mazen’s Behest“ and grind here till pet level 40 don’t kill „Mire Lord“ not worth.


Do: “Draenethyst Crystals“ & „The Lost Caravan“

open “Scattered Crate” which contains “Lost Supplies” to start a Quest

Q A:“Galen’s Escape“

Q E:“ Galen’s Escape“

Kill “Noboru the Cudgel” which drops “Noboru’s Cudgel” and start a Quest.

Dont kill Rare “Molt Thorn”

Q E: “Draenethyst Crystals“ & “Noboru’s Cudgel”

 Grind again till level 40 93%


Q E: „The Lost Caravan“

Q A: „Driftwood“

Do: „Driftwood“

Do: “In Search of The Temple“

Q E: „Driftwood“

Q A: “Deliver the Shipment

Go to the Blasted Lands

Q E: “Mazen’s Behest

Q E: “The Lost Supplies”

Q E: „Deliver the Shipment“

Get FP 


Use your Heart Stone to Duskwood

Buy Mana & Arrows



Move to Stranglethorn Vale

End all Kurzen Quests and get follow Quests


Do: Kurzen Quests (Use all the Shit for the Elite Kurzen and kill others befor)

Q E: „The Hidden Key“

Q A: „The Spy Revealed!“

End Kurzen Quests. 17.4 dps 1.9 speed Gun Weapon

Q E: & „The Spy Revealed!“

Q A:“ Patrol Schedules“

Q E:“ Patrol Schedules“

Q A: „Report to Doren“

Q E: „Report to Doren“


Q E: “Raptor Mastery“

Q A: “Raptor Mastery“

DO: „Some Assembly Required“

DO: „Panther Mastery“ Use Freezing Trap he has a Panther close to him

DO: „Skullsplitter Tusks“

DO: „Venture Company mining“

DO: „Raptor Mastery“

Q E: „Raptor Mastery“ & „Panther Mastery“

Q A: “Big Game Hunter”

DO: “Big Game Hunter”
Slow him with wing clip and run further till 40-50% than full damage!


Q E: “Big Game Hunter”

DO: „Voodoo Dues“ & Zanzil’s Secret“

DO: “Scaring Shaky”

Q E: „The Bloodsail Buccaneers“

Go: to BB End all quests. Make sure to have enough bullets and drinks!
Accept all follow quests.

Make this your home


DO: “The Captain’s Chest”

Kite him and use WingClip in melee. You need One Heal Potion!

DO: „The Bloodsail Buccaneers“ & „Up to Snuff“ & „Keep An Eye out“

DO: “Akiris by the Bundle”

DO: “Excelsior”

DO: “Water Elementals”

DO: “Cracking Maury’s Foot“ kite them, there have 30min Respawn.



Abandon „Favor for Krazek“ if you coudnt get the Ores, 

End all Quests and get follow Quests


Fly to Stormwind

Buy “Swim speed potion” and 4 Lesser Bloodstone

Q A: „Vital Supplies“ in the Mage Quarter

Q E: „In Search of the Temple“ accept the follow Quest

Get Hunter & Pet Skills

Respec your pet:

7 Armor

5 Growl

5 Stamina

6 Bite & Claw (which you get later)

2 Shadow

3 Frost


Fly to Wetlands

Make this your home

Take a boat to Dustwallow Marsh 

Q E: “Akiris by the Bundle”

Fly to Tanaris.

Move to 1k Needle

Q E: “Parts for Kravel”

Q A: „Delivery to the Gnomes“
Q E: „Delivery to the Gnomes“ skip follow quests

Q E: “News for Fizzle”

Q A: “Keeping Pace”

Q E: “Zamek’s Distraction”

 Q E: “Keeping Pace”

Q A: “Rizzle’s Schematics”

Q E: “Rizzle’s Schematics”


Move to Tanaris



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