Cryphis Selfmade Air Conditioner

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One Side of the Peltierelement gets hot the other one cold. This cooling system works with water since it is a lot cheaper in compare to a air system, however you can adjust it if you like.


The set up is simple:
We start to lubricating both coolingblocks with the Paste, then do we put the Peltier elements in between. All in the same direction. Afterwards do you use the cable ties to hold them in possition.

One coolingblock is therefore on the heat and the other one on the cool side.

One Waterbox is outside and one is inside. Just conect the waterpumps with the respectiv coolingblock and enjoy a 200€ air conditioner with a low amount of powerusage from arround 300W which is comparable with a 900€  professional once!


I reccoment to have the whole system outside, since the pumps and the current transformator are also generating some heat.

So that just the pipe with the cold water goes in the hose, furthermore is it usefull to have the waterbox with the hot water in the shadow, so that it is cooler and the heat exchange at the elements works better.

Also can you use the isolation to protect the chilled pipe and the coolingblock from heat outside until its in your house.





TEC1-12706 T Peltier-Plateenmodul 40x40mm


This is your Heartstone and where the magic happens. You need 5 of them!

1 is able to lower the Temeratur from 20° to -60° in 1minute!


This is the Power Source you need it to get the power down from 230V AC to 12V DC!

If your Waterboxes are close together buy this pump twice otherwise once. The Reason is, you need to conect it with the power station and ths pump has to be in the waterbox


Just needed if the waterboxes arent cloe togehter

To connect the waterboxes and the coolingblocks

You need 2 of them, one for outside with the hot water and one inside for the cold water.


Coolingblock, which you need 2 times.

cable to connect everything!


This is to increase the heattransfer between the coolingsystem and the moduls!
some isolation for the Coolingblock and the Waterpimpe


cable ties to fix the cooling blocks!

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My abilities with paint a very limited, however, a better Image would be cool for the stream 🙂

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