Classic World of Warcraft Level Guide 1-60 Cryphis

Welcome to my leveling Guide for the Alliance.


Edit  12.10

After I quited World of Warcraft did I start to work on those projects:


Marketing how to become rich


All Projects are in german only!

Edit  06.08

Overwrite again, after the last practice run on Lightshope Silverhand.

The Quests and the grinding spots are the same, but I changed the order a bit!

Edit  23.05

My first run took me 4d 1h 17min Improved the guide a lot afterward.
3d 10h is definitely in!

We are still recruiting for classic EU EN Gehennas.

In total do we have an HC/semi Hc and Casual raiding group with a lot of PVP!
Something for everyone, just join the discord!  


This guide is mostly for Hunter but can be played with any other class as well.

The Reason is, that Enemies in Vanilla World of Warcraft are incredibly strong in comparison to the Battle for Azeroth.
Some Enemies have for example a Disarm ability or a debuff which reduces the Physicalhitchance by 75%. Which is possible to do as a two-handed warrior but not worth the time.

Unfortunately is there no guide which is class-specific. Another good guide is from Joana the former World first 60 Hunter. With  a 4d 20h /played 1-60

Furthermore, do I play the game early, on which just a few players are on my level, therefore is it for me not possible to do dungeons. Dungeons are incredibly awesome and I really suggest to them. Of course are dungeons just worth the time if you have all the Quests and a decent group.


The Guide right now 14.03.2019 is an overview of Quests. I’ll test this guide in my Stream closely every day and upgrade the guide until the Guide is perfect and the only thing which is left to improve is myself.
My Goal for my first run is to be below 4d days!



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I really need a graphic artist!!

My abilities with paint a very limited, however, a better Image would be cool for the stream 🙂

Steven Rauhoff Cryphis gamingworld

About Cryphis Steve

Like most of my viewer and reader am I a gaming nerd! I am 23 years old and live in Germany Mannheim. Right now doI try to do the fastest level 1-60 Classic World of Warcraft Speed Run in history. You wanna know why?

Guide Index:

<About this Guide>

Level 1-12                Level 12-17

Level 17-21              Level 21-26   

Level 28-32              Level 32-35

Level 35-38              Level 38-44

Level 44-46              Level 46-49

Level 49-51              Level 51-53 

Level 53-57              Level 57-58

Level 58-58              Level 58-60

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